Agean Syphax Splash

The Syphax Series brings together some incredible tonality and range to our collection.

Made from a B20 composite and using traditional hammering and lathing, the intricate hole patterns on the cymbals surface provide an explosion of sharp yet controlled resonance and make for a great addition to any playing style.

You owe it to yourself to have at least one of these amazing cymbals in your setup!


Can’t decide if you prefer the bright tones of a traditional lathed cymbal or the dark earthy characteristics of an unlathed natural cymbal?

Then don’t!

Made from B20, The Natural Z Series is a striking combination of our Natural & Custom Series cymbals offering a complex range of dynamics and tone.

Not just a pretty face, these cymbals have the versatility to deliver a soft shimmering resonance or a devastating  explosion, all with the velocity of your attack.