About Us

"Here at Agean cymbals, we believe that the most discerning drummers demand higher quality cymbals.

In a time where it is considered commercially acceptable and economical to forgo the ancient tradition of hand crafted cymbal making and move to a machine made variety, we choose to manufacture our cymbals in the time honoured fashion – 100% hand crafted. So join us in our quest to provide exceptional musicians with exceptional cymbals.”

Key Guys at Agean

Halil first commenced his Cymbal and Darbukas crafting in 1978. During this time, he had studied under some of the world’s finest master percussion crafters. Only when he felt he was ready, he made the decision to set up Kirmizigul Darbukas in 1996. Having proved himself with producing premium darbukas, Halil then founded Agean Cymbals in 2002.
Halil Kırmızıgül
Mustafa is the production manager at the factory and he had studied and mastered the art of cymbal making with a few cymbal companies for many years – becoming a master cymbal crafter himself in the process! He was one of very few people with Halil when Agean was founded with the mission to create the world’s finest genuine handmade Turkish cymbals.
Mustafa Er
Production Manager
Samet is the son of the founder, Halil Kırmızıgül and he is the current sales manager as well as managing the general business side of the company He was a little boy and accompanying with his father at the biggest exhibitions. Just after his graduation from the university of English Language and Literature department; his only and all business was the cymbal making.
Samet Kırmızıgül