About Us

Halil Kirmizigul 

Halil first commenced his Cymbal and Darbukas crafting in 1978. During this time, he had studied under some of the world’s finest master percussion crafters. Only when he felt he was ready, he made the decision to set up Kirmizigul Darbukas in 1996.
Having proved himself with producing the world’s finest handmade Darbuka’s, Halil then founded Agean Cymbals with his friend Mustafa Er in 2002.
Togetherly, they create some of the worlds’ finest genuine Turkish handcrafted cymbals.


Samet Kırmızıgül

Samet is the son of the founder, Halil Kırmızıgül and he is the current sales manager of the company. He has always supported his father and the company since his childhood. He was learning the essential rules of the art of cymbal making and darbukas even while he was a student in primary school and high school. Just after his graduation from the university, from  English Language and Literature department; his only and all business was the cymbal making. Now, he, his father and Mustafa are the major characters in this company to produce the finest cymbals in the world.


Mustafa Er
Mustafa had studied and mastered the art of cymbal making with Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals for many years – becoming a master cymbal crafter himself in the process!
He founded Agean Cymbals with his friend Halil Kirmizigul with the mission to create the world’s finest genuine handmade Turkish cymbals.





Agean Cymbals Warranty Information

With the exception of Splash cymbals and new silent cymbals from R series, all Agean Cymbals come with full 2 years warranty that is valid from the date of purchase.

Should you encounter any problems with your cymbals, please follow the steps below and include the details when contacting us;

1. Verify your date of purchase – it needs to be less than 2 years otherwise the warranty will have expired.
2. Please specify the exact nature of the problem you are experiencing with your cymbal.
3. Using a felt-tip pen (CD marker), you should highlight the damaged/problematic area of the cymbal (if applicable) before returning the cymbal to the Agean distributor or store you purchased from.
4. The warranty does not cover misuse (beit accidental) of the cymbal;
If a crack appears along the lathing lines of the cymbal (running along in the same direction as the lathed lines), then this would fall under the scope of your warranty.

If a crack appears cutting through the lathed lines of the cymbal (crack from edge of cymbal towards the bell – cutting through the lathed lines), then this would fall outside the scope of your warranty as this damage would be caused from misusage.