agean phılosophy

“Here at Agean cymbals, we believe that the most discerning drummers demand higher quality cymbals. In a time where it is considered commercially acceptable and economical to forgo the ancient tradition of hand crafted cymbal making and move to a machine made variety, we choose to manufacture our cymbals in the time honoured fashion – 100% hand crafted. So join us in our quest to provide exceptional musicians with exceptional cymbals.”

We are not scared of machine made cymbals since our quality means more thanks to them!

We will always keep on making fantastic and unique cymbals for the passionate drummers and our prices will always be affordable. We will never pay attention advertisements and promotions more than quality!
agean cymbals

nATURAL r SERIES low noıse cymbals

A great new series by Agean. It has so much common with its brother R series. However, Natural R has a softer and drier sound and musicians prefer to use at Jazz music as well besides others. Read more: https://ageancymbals.com/products-category/natural-r-series-new

r serıes low noıse cymbals

The holes in each cymbal are skilfully hand drilled one at a time to produce beautifully rich and clear cymbal tones with a lower volume. These cymbals are not only perfect for home practising but excellent for smaller gigs too. The different of our low noise cymbals compared to most of others: all our Natural R and R cymbals are hand crafted like regular cymbals. These are the first low noise cymbals made out of B. bronze. Read more: https://ageancymbals.com/products-category/r-series-low-noise-cymbals

watch the demo

Here is a great video taken by our German dealer Drum-Tec.  The drummer is Ralf!

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