Agean offers you perfect low volume cymbals as alternative to rubber and bad sounding cymbals.

Agean introduced the first low noise cymbals with the Regular R Series at Musik Messe in  2017. Respectively the Natural R series and finally the X-tra Silent Flat R Range. The most common characteristics of these three ranges is that they are all hand crafted and made from B.20 bronze for those who desire to play both real cymbals and quality cymbals at least as quality and super ones as regular traditional Turkish Cymbals. For many years, drummers were obliged to play rubber cymbals at home or in any other situation requiring lower volume but this could not continue like this. Yes, there are some other cymbals made from metal and sounding in low levels but still a huge gap to Agean R Ranges.

Regular R plays a pivotal role in making variety of music genres while expecially focusing on rock and pop music with its pretty brilliant sound while Natural R cymbals sounding softer and slightly sounding even less than Regular R cymbals would be a perfect choice for those making Jazz music but still any other genres too. As of 2020, we launcehed the X-tra silent Flat R cymbals which was also liked so much by drummers looking for even lesser sounding cymbals. Flat R cymbals which is to be understood by its name, has no bell and this reduces the vibration on the cymbal surface and this responds us with its amazing sound with the lowest volume level.

All in all, we have three different ranges under low volume cymbal title here at Agean and all these may be the best with their own path. If you’re really looking for a better alternative to rubber cymbals or bad sounding cymbals, just give a try on Agean R series low volume cymbals – for sure you’ll love them.