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At the age of 16, the drums became the instrument loved by Josivaldo Santos who, upon entering the church, began to realize through positive criticism from musicians and producers that it was necessary to understand the need to share his gift of praising God unrestrictedly. Hence came the motivation for conducting a deep musical study and the consequent and constant search for overcoming, always maintaining humility and knowing that no matter how much knowledge is acquired, there is always a lot to be learned. And the result of such dedication added to the immeasurable love for music, coupled with unshakable FAITH, could not be different: his talent began to be widely disseminated until today the name Josivaldo Santos became the reference when the subject in question is the beat of music gospel.
It is impossible to define Josivaldo Santos …
There would be countless adjectives that, in the end, would reveal only an artist who uses talent to make his heart beat
faster and stronger and in tune with God.




Valen is a great drummer who is one of the most popular female drummers in Colombia. Colombian drummer, with 22 years has become a reference in her country, playing with great artists, at large festivals, recording albums and traveling around the world playing drums. Now it has five important brands that sponsor it. She is the official distributor of Agean Cymbals in Colombia, she feels happy because she represents a brand of professional cymbals, the support has been amazing.




From The United States, Luke Wright is a 14 year old drummer/musician. Luke has had the opportunity to play in many locations across the country. Luke has also recorded music with his band and various other artists of different genres since the age of 11. Luke began playing at age 7 and has developed into one of the most promising young talents playing drums today. Luke has had the privilege of playing onstage with his drum hero, Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan and Richie Kotzen. Luke is proud to be in the Agean Cymbals family and looks forward to a very bright future with Agean.















 He was born in Casimiro de Abreu- Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, started playing drums at the age of 5 in his local church, where he took his first musical steps, at 15 he started playing professionally, until the present moment where she is 23 years old and plays for one of the main gospel singers in Brazil called Gabriela Rocha. André has many followers on his social networks, on YouTube there are almost 1 million views and on Instagram he also has expressive numbers!







Since the age of 15, drums have taken up most of her life. Originally from Siberia, where she was a participant and organizer of various drum evenings and festivals. Now my entire career is developing in Moscow. Collaborates with several schools, teaches drums, records tracks and videos with musicians of different genres. Plays in two groups. Likes to listen and play music from metal to jazz.





I graduated from College of Arts in 2017. Since then I taught drums in different private music schools and was the head of the drummers ensemble. Now I left from the music school and teaching at my own drum studio, developing my YouTube channel and trying to make my own music. So I think I’m on the begging of my professional way.





  • Born in Rastatt (Germany)
  • Longtime studies of drums and percussion at University and private teachers. Since 1987 with Joe Koinzer (drums and percussion). Since 1994 with Hermann Mutschler and Klaus Kugel (drums).
  • Bands and projects: After beginning in rock bands member of a lot of bands and orchestras in different styles! (see media and links)
  • Former member of the “Jazz Orchestra of the Federal Republic of Germany” conducted by Peter Herbolzheimer.
  • Toured: Italy, France, Poland, Switzerland, Argentina, Uruguay, Korea, Netherlands, USA, Turkey, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Czech Republic, India, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Luxembourg, Estonia, Russia, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Moldavia, Haiti, etc.
  • Worked with: Jo Koinzer, John Marks, Friedemann, Torbjorn Sunde, Peter Lehel, Rüdiger Oppermann, Herbert Joos, Jerry Bergonzi, Philippe Geiss, Thomas SifflingPeter Schindler, Birelli Lagrene etc. 






Hungarian jazz drummer, composer, music educator and producer Balázs Bágyi would definitely be on the list of contemporary artists who represent a 21st century global approach to today’s jazz and world music scene.

His unique style of playing drums is full of energy and passion, using both powerful attacks and gentle movements on his instrument simultaneously. Rolling rhythms and natural warm sounds are the main characteristics of his musical voice, his melodic way of playing the drum kit gives a complex music experience.

During the last decade he has became an internationally respected artist, collaborating with numerous American and European musicians and touring several times in the USA, all across Europe and China. 

Balázs is the President of the Hungarian Jazz Federation.

















Johnny Kings is currently the drummer for the band Reckoning Hour. His musical story started long ago back in 2004, when he took the drumsticks and dedicated his life to the instrument. With his current band, Johnny recorded two full length albums that showed a great prominence in the Brazilian scene beeing part of tours with great names of the industry such as As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Dream Theater, Children of Bodom, The Black Dahlia Murder, Suicide Silence, Sepultura, Krisiun, Almah, among other bands.

















































































He was born on November 24, 1978. He started music at the age of ten by playing the piano. At the age of fifteen, he started to play drums in an orchestra with his friends. He came to Istanbul in 2000 and started his professional music career. He accompanied many artists and musicians in stage and album works. These include; Fettah CAN, Buray, Aleyna TİLKİ, Ece SEÇKİN, Ziynet SALİ, Burak KUT, Gülben ERGEN, Kutsi, Cengiz KURTOĞLU, Harun KOLÇAK and many other artists.
Gökhan TEPE
Beyaz SHOW
Simge – Ben Bazen (2018)
Gökhan TEPE – Yaz (2018)
Buray – Ask Mı Lazım (2017)
Fettah CAN – Sen En Çok Asksın (2017)
Bahadır TATLIOZ – Su Yolunu Bulur (2018)
Sibel CAN – Yeni Aşk (2018)
Emre ALTUĞ – Yıldırım Gürses Sarkıları (2017)
Ziynet SALİ – BKM Concert Album (2010)
Bilge NİHAN – Net (2016)
İrfan ÖZATA – Hayat Okulu (2013)
Selçuk BASA – Amorf (2016)
Gülnur GÖKÇE – Icimdeki Ses (2018)
Tolerance Break- Nonself (2018)
Ben Deniz – Best Of Vol.1 – Vol, 2 (2018)
Merve ÖZBEY – Devran (2018)
Tuğba YURT – Masal (2018)
Volkan Konak – Dalya (2019)
Ayla ÇELİK – Daha Bi Asık (2019)
Gökhan Tepe – Asmalı (2019)


Mustafa Telli was born on 12 December 1976 in Neumarkt, Germany. Mustafa has been interested in musical instruments since his childhood and the beginning of his musical life begins when he went to a jazz concert at the age of 12. He was so impressed by the concert and decided to become a drummer. Later on, he took his first music lesson from his uncle and as many drummers did, he set up a drumset with pots at home.Due to his growing interest and his success in music, his father decided to buy him a real drum set. Mustafa began to practice on a real drum set what his uncle taught him. When Mustafa Telli turned to 16, he started playing with pop and rock bands in various clubs in Istanbul and Edirne.

In later times, he started to the create and develop of his own style by assimilating different music styles like Pop – Rock – Jazz – Ethnic Music – Folk Music – Arabesque. As a result of his intensive work in this direction, Mustafa Telli has worked with many well known musicians and singers.

Mustafa is currently playing drums with legend Turkish rock music band “Kurtalan Ekspres”.




Dylan Suierveld (drummer, Levinia) is a self taught drummer. Born in Bellflower, California in February 1993; Dylan began drumming at the age of three. Getting his first drum-kit at the age of four. 

Growing up in a family that loved Rock N Roll, ‪Mick Fleetwood‬ from ‪Fleetwood Mac‬ was his very first influence for playing drums. Seeing him play with passion and his jolliness really stood out; as well as his big drum kit, which is why Dylan loves big drum kits. His liking of orange finishes came from Fleetwood as well. For example, Fleetwood’s kit during The Dance era. 

Years later in 2011, Dylan and his cousin started his first band named Aerius. Performing many many shows and a few demos, till it was disbanded in early 2016.

Soon after Dylan and ex-Aerius guitarist John Pinon started their current band, Levinia. After the full lineup, they’ve recorded a full 5 song demo named Alluring Fear and a 5 song Ep named Liberation. Receiving incredible reviews, airplay and gaining more fans, Levinia is pushing themselves to be heard in the Metal scene. Working extremely hard on all their goals. 

His main influences come from drummers like: ‪George Kollias‬, ‪Mario Duplantier‬, Vyl, ‪Aquiles Priester‬ and Fredrik Andersson. Dylan’s drumming interest’s go farther than just Metal/Rock, he really enjoys playing Pop, Funk, R&B and Country. Other influences come from Jeff Porcaro, Kenny Aronoff, ‪Ringo Starr‬, ‪Pick Withers‬, Eric Moore and Aaron Spears. 

Dylan is also endorsed by Agean Cymbals, HHG Drums, Los Cabos Drumsticks and Trick Drums.


Gianluca Brugnano, born in 1980,  is a Neapolitan drummer and musician. Over the years he has dedicated himself to Jazz as well as Rap and Pop and had a lot of theatrical experiences. A long series of successful collaborations marks his professional career. Alternating hip hop groove to free interpretations and Mediterranean expressiveness.


Gianluca Brugnano began studying music at the age of ten, when he approached drums for the first time. After a few years, he already collaborates with several important musicians, such as Pippo Matino, Marco Zurzolo and Antonio Onorato.

His enthusiasm and determination led him to perform at Jazz festivals and events. He takes part, therefore, to the “Montreal Jazz Festival”, “Umbria Jazz”, “Moods Switzerland”. In addition, to the “Festival de Quebec” and the one in Mexico City, the “Blue Note New York” and many others.

But his career is constantly on the rise. In fact, Gianluca Brugnano records  two albums with Onorato’s quartet.

Later, the Italian drummer records the album Lunaria for the Universal Classics & Jazz label. The album, released in 2009, is a collection of original tracks by  the trumpeter Luca Aquino, in which other artists have also taken part. That is, Giovanni Francesca on guitar, Marco Bardoscia on electric bass. And then, Maria Pia De Vito, the great Roy Hargrove and Carla Casarano.

Following Lunaria, he left for a tour that lasted two years. He follows the theatrical experience with Luca Barbareschi and Chiara Noschese, with whom he leaves for another tour to present the show “Il caso di Alessandro e Maria”.

He currently teaches at Wozzap, his music school in Naples.

Now, he’s on tour with the Italian pop singer Rocco Hunt.



Gianluca Brugnano has collaborated with numerous national and international jazz artists. We remember Maria Pia De Vito, Javier Girotto, Marco Tamburini, Umberto Muselli, Andrea Rea.

In addition, the Neapolitan drummer plays with Francesco Villani, Billy Preston, Daniele Scannapieco, Kandace Lindsey, Pietra Montecorvino, Eugenio Bennato, Omar Sosa.

He has also collaborated with the Art Ensamble of Chicago. And, again, with Pippo Matino, Antonio Onorato, Joe Amoruso, Gianni Bardaro and Marco Zurzolo.



Teacher of Drum and Percussion instruments. Composer. Clinician. Drum instructor. Solo and Orchestral performer.

– Education:
Assistant of Classic Percussion department in Gnesin’s Academy (Moscow).2017 – 2019. (the most popular and prestige education in Russia)
Conservatory of music Petrozavodsk City.2009-2014.
Murmansk music college. 2005-2009.

– Organisation:
-honor lifetime member of NARD(The Oldest world rudimental organizational (USA))
-Member of different rudimental organisations in the world (USARD SIRD)
-head of department marching and rudimental drummers in SPB percussion society (Saint Petersburg percussion organization)

-Master classes were:
-Tallinn’s Academy theater and music (Estonia)
-Gnesin’s Academy (Moscow)
-Conservatory Name Astor Piazzolla (Buenos Aires)
– Devlet Conservatory University Istanbul (Istanbul)
-Mariinsky theater (Saint Petersburg)
-Conservatory of music Name Sobinov (Saratov)
-University of culture (Saint Petersburg)
-Petrozavodsk music college
-Bryansk music college
-Murmansk music college
-Moscow military college
-Krasnodar music college
-at different events and exhibition

-Percussion instructor and author pieces for World Guinness record in Saint Petersburg 2019 , Russian Percussion record 2018 (The Biggest

-Percussion instructor and author pieces for World Guinness record in Saint Petersburg 2019 , Russian Percussion record 2018 (The Biggest ensemble of percussion instruments- 806 drummers and percussionists ), The Biggest Russian ensemble 2019 (1300 drummers and percussionists). Online Drum Parade Saint Petersburg 2020.

-Percussion instructor and author drum solos for Victor’s parade in Saint Petersburg in 2018, 2019. The biggest Russian celebration.

-Main timpany player of Festival of Orchestras in Saint Petersburg.

-Played as solo performer, and with Sky Rhythm in different concert halls and places. (Big concert hall Oktyabrsky Saint-Pétersbourg, Saint Petersburg Academic Capella, Mariinsky threater, Jaani kirik church, Sillamae Palace of culture, Moscow exhibition center, Red Square Moscow, Palace Square Saint Petersburg , Gnesin’s Academy, Hall of Liceym of art, Rio Negro Hall of Fundación cultural Patagonia, Olimpia Palace Spb etc…)



He was born  in Izmir on July 04, 1990. He met music at a very early age. He made his first professional studio recording at the age of 12 with his father Hamdi and uncle Mehmet Akatay, who are known as Akatay brothers (akatay project) on their albums. Along with his father and uncle, who came from an important musician family, he continued his music life and received special trainings with the feyzes he received from great masters.

His mission in music is to modernize and adapt the past’s mystics to today’s sounds. He has signed many cover projects and is also a founding member of the cabinet big drama group, together with (local strangers) and (just feel) albums. He has worked with important music people and orchestras in very important music festivals in the world and in our country, some of which are; Trilok Gurtu, Marcello Route, the royal philharmonic orchestra, boy george, Sezen Aksu, Tarkan, soulful, coral grandfather. Akatay attending many world festivals such as Montreux jazz, koblenz horizonte, sydney turkish week, spain burgoss, africa cap town buskers fest. He represented our country with his music in various parts of the world including America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The artist is still actively working on stage and studio works of many famous domestic and foreign names.












He was born in 1988 in Istanbul. In 2009, Müjdat Gezen art center won the light western music section. He graduated in 2013. During this period, he received his drum training from Mert Türkmen, and he worked with Fatih Erkoç for 2 years and Fuat Güner for 1 year. 

Later, he continued his education with Doğaç Titiz and taught at Yamaha Music School (2010-2013) and Time Fine Arts School (2015-2018) for 3 years.

After establishing his own music studio in 2013, he had the opportunity to play many albums, singles and jingle records. Currently, Etiler music school and Zuhal music academy are still providing education.He is also an instructor at LCM (London Collage of Music).

The projects and artists he has been in:

Doğa için çal , Huysuz müzikali, Kurtalan Ekspres, Nev, Ersen ve Dadaşlar, Ferda Anıl Yarkın, Lara, Orhan Ölmez, Turgay Başyayla, Erdal Bayrakoğlu, Cihan Yıldız, Nil Karataş, Cerem Onurluer, Anıl Durmuş…

He still continues to work actively with many artists.


I was born on January 30th in 1996 in İstanbul. My craze for music and the drum started when I was in high school. Although I had my degree in the Department of Political Science and International Relations, I preferred to become a professional musician and a drummer. I have been make a living out of music so far. I have participated in many night bar programs, festivals, and social responsibility projects with my first music band, Cem Session. We worked in cooperation with UCIM, “Society against Child Abuse” and organized a big concert in Dorock XL in the Kadıköy Sound festival. We took place in this concert as the core crew and we were accompanied by almost 10 performers. My band, Cem Session and I performed on the same stage with the master musicians such as Gür Akad, Zafer Sanlı, Aydın Şeref from one of the Turkish Anatolian rock groups “Yol Arkadaşları”. Moreover, for a very long time, we had stage and studio rehearsals with Erdem Sudabay, who is one of the representatives of Anatolian Rock music. I took part in the Rock’n Roll project with Erhan Demir. Now we are continuing our stage and studio performances with the music band called “Nasıl Yani”. Lastly ,we made a studio recording with my band which is called Nasıl Yani and we are preparing for a video clip right now. In addition to this, I give private drum lessons along with my music career.




Ahmet is a great progressive drummer. He plays at various music styles. Besides drumming with his own music group FARFARA, he also posts regular educational videos in his social media profiles. He is quite well known amongst young Turkish Drummers and he has contributed a lot to drumming community in Turkey.

She was born on January 26, 1994 in Istanbul. He started growing with music and sports from a young age. He increased his curiosity with the support of his family. He started to discover himself from the age of 10 and then took lessons from DrumClub and Mustafa Telli. During this time, he performed with many groups and artists. Later, he took part in the stage studies with the “Mogollar” group. He is currently actively working with Ufuk Beydemir in both stage and album recordings. He also works in Tolga Görsev Music Production as an assistant and recorder. Some names with which he worked,
Ufuk Beydemir
Oguzhan Ugur
Dilhan Senen
Emircan İğrek
He was born in Zonguldak in 1974 and graduated from Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory in 1985, which he entered after primary school in 1985. He was professionally interested in percussion instruments, which he met during his university years, and continued his studies in this direction and worked as a music teacher and percussion instructor in schools for 25 years. Currently, Fatih Erkoç, Erol Evgin and Beyaz Show orchestra continue their performances. He gives rhythmic education to young children in his kindergarten.
Eren Özgökmen was born in Mersin in 1995. After completing his primary and secondary education in Mersin, he moved to İzmir for university education. Eren, who was introduced to drums at the age of 15, has been actively performing since. He performed three singles with “Ters Acı”. He has played behind many names and in different groups in Izmir and currently continues his works with Nilay Dikay and has been using Agean Cymbals since 2017.
I am EMRE ICIN I was born in Istanbul in 1991. I have been playing drums since 2008, I have recorded many concert albums and singles for the last 7 years and have been actively giving drum lessons and playing in many concerts. The schools where I worked as a teacher are as follows: İlker Balcan Music Academy Harman Dance and Music School. The concert venues where I play are as follows; Dorock xl Hayal Kahvesi Beyoğlu İf Beşiktas İf Ataşehir Hayal coffee Samsun İzmir Volume Alsancak Jolly Joker İstanbul Jolly Joker Ankara Jolly Joker Antalya Manhattan Ankara Babylon Garage İstanbul İzmir Ooze Venue.
Groups I work with;
He has been playing drums since 2009. First he was studying drums himself only. After taking some lessons from a couple drum experts he started to play on stage. He took his place on drums in countless performances in Turkey, primarily in his hometown Erzurum. Except his stage life he has been doing studio works too and being a drum teacher since 2014. He is one of the members of Agean Cymbals family since 2017.
Growing up in a Surinamese/Dutch environment in Amsterdam surrounded by Professional musicians, Kenneth started playing guitar at age of six and continued on Drums/Percussion at fifteen years old.
Influenced by Sixties Southern Soul, Caribbean music styles and Jazz he started as autodidact mastering Rhythms and learning himself how to read charts creating a style heavily influenced on feel and groove that provides a carpet for other musicians to excel on!
Playing with artists like Marco Borsato, Hans Dulfer, Thijs van Leer and Indorock legends Woody Brunings and Eddy Chatelin he can be considered an allround sessiondrummer!
For years leading his own formed group The Soul Keys with whom he had some succes being regularly invited playing the North Sea Jazz Club.
They even caught the ears of Dap Tone Records and Soul diva Candi Staton!
During this time he was also leading a 50 piece choir with succes.
Kenneth can also be heard on records from the Last Wave and Bruno Rocco with whom he recorded own material on several studio dates.
These days he can be heard playing frequently with coverband Tabs who are well known for their energetic style in which Kenneth plays a big role with his hard driven grooves in which you can hear his Jazz/Caribbean roots.
At age 14 he took the Drums as a passion, putting together different bands and playing in different places and stages. He also held several Drummers Meetings and events with Jorge Araujo, Sebastián peycere, Sergio masciotra, Gustavo Rowek, Cristian judurcha, Martín reyna and more artists such as Jaf, González wire, Botafogo, Luis Robinson, among others. He is currently a singer and drummer of the power rock trio MUÑECA ELECTRICA with records recorded in the best studios.
It is Argentine from the city of centenary, province of Neuquén and Argentine Patagonia …. Well south of the world! Thanks agean for being part of the family !!!
Pablo Garrocho, an Argentine musician, lives in Buenos Aires, began his studies at the age of 8 with Oscar D’Auria, at 16 he began teaching drums and then taught for more than 20 years at the academy of music “El angar music center “.

At 18 he began working professionally with guitarist Daniel Tellis. I play in countless bands of various styles and some musicals.

In 2006 he toured with singer Eric Martin. (Mr. Big, U.S.A) playing in countries like Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina, continuing with several tours of South America and India for more than 3 years, along with Richie Kotzen (Poison – Mr. Big) and Jeff Scot Soto.
I also accompany the American guitarist Bruce Kullick (Kiss) performing some shows in Argentina.

Some other international works include American guitarist Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake) and singer Rusell Allen (Symphony X, Adrenaline Mod)

In 2018 he performs shows in some cities in Spain and 50 concerts in Madrid at the History of Rock

Matheus de Melo Rodrigues, better known as Math, through his YouTube channel entitled “Batucando com Math”, started playing drums at the age of 17 in the church he attends, studied with Juvenildo Santos, Silas Henrique, Samuel Mello, Luiz Pagoto and Felipe Sombra. He is currently studying at EM&T (School of Music and Technology) with Professor Diego Gil, in São Paulo. Matheus started his work on YouTube in
December 2015, when she was born in her heart
proposal to give biblical passages and teach
some gospel chops phrases for
encourage other drummers. The results came
fast, with just over 50 videos Matheus added
over 700,000 views on your channel today
has more than 84 thousand subscribers and
6,120,829 views. It also works by
workshop in Brazil and giving drum lessons
(face-to-face and online) between 100 to 300 students per month.
Juan Rodríguez is an Argentine rock musician. Legendary drummer of several rock bands that set the course of music in Argentina; in which Sui Generis, Billy Bond, The Heavy of Rock and Roll and Polyphemus stand out. In addition to having accompanied countless top-level artists such as Pappo, David Lebon, Nito Mestre, Ricardo Mollo and Diego Arnero, JAF, Miguel Cantilo, Hilda Lizarazu, The Teen Tops, among others. He took his first steps in a group called Los Mentales, hence he became part of a prestigious band called Billy Bond and La Pesada del Rock. I do session work in almost every recording studio in the country, recorded with countless artists such as Silvestre, El Clan Club, among others. Sui Generis, a band composed of Charly García, Nito Mestre, Rinaldo Rafanelli and Juan Rodríguez, who changed national rock and marked a before and after in the history of Argentine music. After the 3 years he was in Sui Generis, after recording several albums with countless hits, which marked several generations, they separated, saying goodbye with 2 shows totally exhausted at the Luna Park stadium, (first time a rock band performed in a stadium before 30,000 people) in 1975. Then he formed Polyphemus with David Lebon, Ciro Fogliatta and Rinaldo Rafanelli, recording several albums and some songs that are part of Argentine popular music. He currently gives clinics throughout the country and Latin America, along with great drummers such as Javier Martínez, Carlos Rigantti, Oscar Moro, Sergio Masciotra, Rubén Basualto, Rodolfo García, Jorge Tanque Iglesias, Jorge Araujo, Gustavo Rowek, among others.




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