We know you were looking for quiter sounding cymbals especially these days where all we are stuck at home! Here it is for all you drummers!… The new Agean Regular R Flast Cymbals (X-tra Silent) are ready… The new Agean X-tra Silent FLAT R Low Noise Practice Cymbals without cymbal bell are authentic, more quiet and shorter sounding acoustic cymbals, especially designed for everyday practice or as an alternative for smaller club gigs. These handmade, Turkish cymbals are 75% more quiet than normal cymbals (depending on the composition and size)
  • Flat cymbal without bell
  • Material: B20 Bronze
  • Handmade in Turkey
  • For live and practice use
  • Suitable for hybrid drumming
In comparison to the regular R-Series, the X-tra Silent FLAT Low Noise Pratice Cymbals offer:
  • an even shorter sustain
  • an even deeper fundamental sound
  • less overtone parts
That makes these cymbals even less obtrusive and ideal for practicing at home.