A well known Turkish drummer “Mustafa Telli” has just joined the Great Agean Family. Below is a short summary of his musical career.

Mustafa Telli was born on 12 December 1976 in Neumarkt, Germany. Mustafa has been interested in musical instruments since his childhood and the beginning of his musical life begins when he went to a jazz concert at the age of 12. He was so impressed by the concert and decided to become a drummer. Later on, he took his first music lesson from his uncle and as many drummers did, he set up a drumset with pots at home.Due to his growing interest and his success in music, his father decided to buy him a real drum set. Mustafa began to practice on a real drum set what his uncle taught him. When Mustafa Telli turned to 16, he started playing with pop and rock bands in various clubs in Istanbul and Edirne.

In later times, he started to the create and develop of his own style by assimilating different music styles like Pop – Rock – Jazz – Ethnic Music – Folk Music – Arabesque. As a result of his intensive work in this direction, Mustafa Telli has worked with many well known musicians and singers.

Mustafa is currently playing drums with legend Turkish rock music band “Kurtalan Ekspres”.